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  1. Deposit Paid
  2. Shipped to Me
  3. Arrived
  4. Mockup Sent
  5. Mockup Approved
  6. Preview Sent
  7. Preview Approved
  8. Final Photos Sent
  9. Final Payment Complete
  10. Shipped Home
Singull - Fairyland Minifee Celine and Asleep Eidolon Coral - Shipped Home0%
AnchixDPx - Iplehouse Aaliyah Addiction - Shipped Home0%
lienniexo - Fairyland Minifee Ria - Preview Sent0%
Ma V - Fairyland Minifee Rendia - Preview Sent0%
Chyenne C - Dollshe Saint - Mockup Approved0%
Treeperson - Illusion Spirit Phoenix and Luts Terra - Mockup Sent0%
AlloraLangLeBeau - DollZone Yan - Mockup Sent0%
alchemistsfire - Resinsoul Ai - Mockup Sent0%

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  • Hey everyone! November slots are officially filled. I hope to have my last round of slots for the year open at the end of November/early December. If you missed out on slots this month please keep an eye out for …