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  1. Deposit Paid
  2. Shipped to Me
  3. Arrived
  4. Mockup Sent
  5. Mockup Approved
  6. Preview Sent
  7. Preview Approved
  8. Final Photos Sent
  9. Final Payment Complete
  10. Shipped
shyldchan - HeartStrung Ruse and SIO2 Bleater - Final Photos Sent0%
AnchixDPx - Granado Gabe, Angell-Studio Yan Di, and Angell-Studio David - Mockup Approved0%
Pipercat99 - Iplehouse Carina - Mockup Approved0%
darknessangel-san - Kanadoll Adrian - Mockup Approved0%
Resonate_Tranquility - White Luster Sylva - Preview Sent0%
Ashley S - Fairyland Hippogriff Rus - Mockup Approved0%

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Recent Updates

  • Hey everyone! I just wanted to keep you all updated to let you know that my July slots have been filled. I hope to reopen sometime at the end of August when all commissions have been completed. Also, I wanted …

  • Hello everyone! I know it’s been a long while. Life had gotten quite hectic over the last year. Last August I got engaged and have since been wedding planning like crazy. I’ve also been working more than full time and …