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About My Services

My Work
I am a customizer who specializes in faceups, body blushing, tattoos, and fantasy parts. I also do some modifications and maintenance work. Feel free to inquire via email at sam@shadowedforcebjd.com if there is a service you don’t see on my service list.

I am an anti-recast collector and customizer. Please do not ask me to paint recasts. I have a zero-tolerance policy with this issue.

My Style
I will always try to give you exactly what you ask for, but my work is not perfect. I cannot make things exactly symmetrical and things cannot be replicated perfectly from images or references. However, please feel free to make notes during your commission inquiry process about specific things you would/wouldn’t like done.

Wait Times
My wait times vary depending on the project. Basic faceups can take 4-6 weeks, with other added services adding to that time. Please let me know if you have a deadline to make and I will see what I can do.

Digital Mockups
I offer digital mockup services with every faceup commission. This service allows you to change things about a faceup concept without having to redo an actual faceup. I allow up to 3 change periods for each mockup in order to keep wait times shorter, so please compile all changes you wish to be made in as few replies as possible.

Due to allergies, I’d like to disclose that I do have a cat. She is not allowed in my doll room, but she does shed a lot, so a stray hair or two may end up in a box at times. Please do not commission me if you are heavily allergic to cats or have other concerns on this part.

Materials Used

Sealant: Mr. Super Clear UV Flat, Liquitex Matte Medium/Varnish
Airbrush: Iwata Eclipse with a Master TC-20T Professional compressor
Pastels: Schmincke and Faber Castell
Watercolor Pencils: Faber Castell and Derwent
Paints: Liquitex Basics acrylics, Createx, Vallejo
Gloss: Liquitex Acrylic Gloss Varnish, Tamiya X-22
Shimmer: Pearl Ex Pigments, ZM Shine Pearl, Mica Powders
Removal: Winsor and Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer (resin), acetone/dye free nailpolish remover (ABS), pure acetone (vinyl)
Brushes/Tools: Soft hair brushes, cotton swabs (both regular and pointed), cotton balls, magic erasers.
Modifications: Milliput (additive epoxy sculpt), Elmers white school glue

Commission Process

Before Commissioning Me
Have your doll in hand or ready to be shipped to you. (If you wish to work out a special request to send me a doll directly from a company, please email me.) Have your 20% non-refundable downpayment ready. Collect any reference images you’d like to send along with your form. Check to see if slots are open for reservations.

Commissioning Me
Fill out the form on the “Commission Me” page. Wait for me to contact you via email about your commission. I will ask you for more information, such as reference images and option choices. Include as many details as you can in every step. Once approved, I will send you an invoice for the 20% non-refundable downpayment. After the invoice is paid, you will have a slot reserved. I will email you once I’m ready for you to ship.

The Wait
I will contact you when your doll has arrived. The next time I will contact you is with your digital mockup, where you will make changes. Once the mockup is approved, I will begin the faceup. You will receive a preview photo before the final sealant layer, gloss, and add-ons are applied. I will finish the faceup when the preview is approved and will provide finished photos with the final invoice.

Shipping Back
When the final invoice is paid, I will ship your head back packaged exactly as it came to me using the shipping method specified in your commission form. Please provide a face protector. I do not currently provide or sell them. If you do not include a face protector I am not liable for damages made during shipping.

Final Photos

By commissioning me, you are giving me permission to photograph your doll and post any photos taken on my personal social media accounts and website. Credit to you as the owner will always be given. Feel free to use any photos I take for your personal use, but please do not remove my logo.

Photo Staging
I may also use my own eyes in photos if you do not provide your own. These are purely for promotional/final photo use only. If you wish to use specific eyes/wigs/etc. in photos, feel free to include them with your commission.