Portfolio Categories



Any size faceup – $50
Removal – $5
Eyelashes – $3 if purchased from me, free application
First redo is free. After that, redos are at regular face up prices.

Body Blushing

Any size body blushing – $40
Any size manicure and pedicure – $10
Torso only – $20
Removal – $10
Fantasy parts – Decided based on request
Redos for all sizes – $20

Modifications and Maintenance

Light nose/lip/eye reshaping (permanent, sanding only) – $20 per feature change
Ear piercing (drilled, large enough for general earring wire) – $10 per hole
Additive scarring (non-permanent) – $5 per scarred part
Airbrushed color matching (head/small parts to body only) – $30
Hot glue sueding for all sizes – $5
Restringing (you provide the string) – $10
I will not do any mods that are not listed above.

Other Services

Tattoos on face or body – Decided based on request
Glue-on piercings/mani decor – $2 each
Repaints on fashion dolls (where eyes must be painted) – $50+ based on complexity