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Doll Chateau Delia Mod

Color Matching, Faceup
Color Matching, Doll Chateau, Faceup, HQ Lashes
About This Project

Company/Sculpt: Doll Chateau Delia (Mod)
Owned By: Dew_Drops on Den of Angels
Skin Tone: White Skin
Commission Details: Faceup, eyelashes (short white), color matching
Date Completed: July 3rd, 2016


Dew_Drops has a very interesting character with albinism. She had eye modifications done previously on her, so I color matched the mod work and blushed on top of it to give her that pink, puffy look. Because white pastel doesn’t show up well on white resin, her eyebrows are paint-only. She was definitely a fun character to work on!

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