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Iplehouse Tania, Resinsoul Hybrid

Color Matching, Faceup, Mani/Pedi, Tattoo
Color Matching, Faceup, HQ Lashes, Iplehouse, Manicure, Pedicure, Resinsoul, Tattoo
About This Project

Company/Sculpt: Iplehouse Tania on a Resinsoul body
Owned By: Equineaurora
Skin Tone: Normal skin
Commission Details: Faceup, eyelashes (short black), color matching, mani/pedi, multiple tattoos
Date Completed: April 2nd, 2017


This was quite the doll project! Equineaurora asked me to color match her Iplehouse Tania head to a pinker Resinsoul body. I also completed multiple tattoos, my personal favorite being the branch/butterfly arm piece.

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